What drives us to do great things?

Each one of us has their personal values, that dictate our feelings, our actions, what is important for us and what we stand for. But what happens to our values when we work with other people? Are they still important? Do they still count? Of course! Actually, they metamorphosis into something greater, that gives the world a brighter spin.

In order to create our core team values, to find the ones that will characterize each one of us and the team as a whole, we combined our personal values and today, this is what we stand for:

1. Help each other in the journey of learning

  • Offer your help, knowledge, previous examples to anyone who needs it;
  • If you’re not sure about something, ask for help;
  • Seek happiness and fulfillment in your every action;
  • Be open to people and ideas;
  • Keep a “blue state of mind“;
  • Respect other people’s opinion;
  • Share ideas and new stuff that you’ve learned;
  • Keep in mind that each person is different. Be kind;
  • Get involved in activities that concern the team that are not about work (get to know each other);
  • If you are having a bad day just take a deep breath and say "Goosfraba". What, you didn't watch the movie Anger Management?
  • Work smarter, not harder.

Only working together, as a team, we can achieve great things and have fun along the way. Being calm and keeping an open mind for different ideas helps us conduct our daily activities in a productive and efficient way. We trust and respect each other, we enjoy working together and learning from one another.

2. Power to the team

  • Show autonomy;
  • Document your choices;
  • Find out what are the areas that you like the most and passionately develop them;
  • Divide the tasks clearly so each one of you knows his key role;
  • Speak your mind freely;
  • Never stick with the default, a problem can have multiple solutions;
  • Trust each other;
  • Respect each other’s work and encourage collaboration;
  • Have fun whatever you are doing;
  • Offer feedback.

At Digitalya, the team has the power. They choose how they want to work, what technology they want to use, how the tasks will be divided, when they want to take a break to inhale some fresh air, when they want to start and how much will it take. We value trust and autonomy. We encourage people to share their thoughts and speak their mind freely. Communication and determination are the key to every successful project.

3. Always seek quality

  • Listen actively and clarify each aspect;
  • Offer suggestions and come up with new ideas;
  • Choose quality over quantity;
  • Put all your effort in giving your best;
  • Do the right thing;
  • Do code reviews together;
  • Turn feedback into viable solutions in a timely fashion;
  • Choose the right languages/frameworks/libraries depending on the project’s requirements;
  • Develop the product with extra passion and verify each feature multiple times;
  • Pay extra attention to feedback and implement it according to the users’ needs;
  • Make sure that the product it’s aligned with the idea and users are enjoying it.

For us, happiness comes first. We have partners, not clients and their happiness is important for us. We know we are doing a good job if they are happy with their digital products and users are enjoying each feature.

4. We embrace the future

  • Be up to date with what is new in tech;
  • Invest time in learning new technologies;
  • Be open to new solutions;
  • Choose flexibility over rigidity;
  • Constantly research new technologies and aggressively adopt them in projects;
  • Learn about new frameworks, latest libraries, sleek algorithms and geeky languages every day;
  • Develop internal projects just to have fun, test and learn new things.

Tech is our playground. We love to be up to date with the latest trends. Whenever something new appears we explore its advantages and disadvantages. In this way not only that we embrace the future, but we know for sure which technology fits best each project.